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Welcome to Licensed Olympic Challenge!

Check out the Olympic Challenge website

SUPPORT the U.S. Olympic Team through the purchase of this product.

PLAY through the Olympic 5/ Rings. Take the Olympic Trivia Challenge.

LEARN.™  how the Olympic Movement inspires everyone around the world in friendly competition.

Great for home, school or travel. Play with friends and family. Use as a “Fun. Exciting. Game. ™” or a novelty gift.

Olympic Challenge Bumpin' Die - "Golden Champions" - DVD Board Game

Olympic Challenge Bumpin’ Die™
“Golden Champions” - DVD Board Game

Bump and race through the Bumpin’ Die™ playing surface and be the first to collect 5 gold medals to win the game. Use the exciting interactive DVD to enhance levels of play. Position your opponent on the playing surface and bump them back to start. Multiple levels of play for 2-5 players or teams. Recommended for ages 6 to adult.

Olympic Challenge Bumpin’ Die™
“Golden Champions” Includes:

1 Game DVD (50 screen challenges)
1 Game board and instructions manual
1 Six-sided movement Die
5 Colored interactive playing pieces

Olympic Challenge - Giant Board Game

Olympic Challenge - USA - Giant Board Game Includes:

1 Olympic Challenge - USA game
1 Game DVD (50 screen challenges)
1 Giant full color playing board
1 Giant die



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